Local Electricians – Causes Of Electrical Faults

Electrical installations are an integral part of any residential or commercial building and play a significant role in making the building a haven or a potential death trap. Day in and day out, local electricians have had the misfortune of coming in contact with several electrical faults, which led to the loss of lives and properties. In most cases, the marks are caused by the electrician or fittings. Hence, you need to choose the best residential electrician to handle all your electrical projects. Kindly read our article on finding the best electrician for your electrical job. We share the best ways to minimize the occurrence of electrical faults due to the negligence of the electrician.

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Electrical Faults

The primary cause of fire outbreaks in homes and offices is due to electrical faults, and this causes injuries to more than 1000 individuals per year. Hence, this article will enlighten you on the major causes of electrical faults.

After several years of serving as a local electrician and residential electrician, in addition to the information we receive from our clients, the major causes of electrical faults are below:

Defects Due to Insulation failure

These faults originate from the improper function of the electrical installation. This insulation was primarily for covering or protecting the copper conductors or cables. These faults arise for several reasons, such as insulation type, installation age, and power load. These factors are responsible for severing the facilities, which can bring about short circuits and fire outbreaks.

These breakdowns are not just peculiar to plastic installations. Improper grounding of metals can lead to death within seconds.

The other electrical faults come in the form of damages inflicted by mice and rats who chew the insulation and expose the system to external factors.


Overloaded installations are the cause of overheating.   These system overloads can become heated until the insulation gives way, thus, leading to a short circuit. For example, in cases where you are using an adaptor or multi-socket system, for low-power appliances such as a stereo, there is an excellent possibility of getting overloaded. As a result, you will have electrical faults.

Faults Due To Work Carried Out By Unqualified Electricians

Unqualified local electricians are one of the major causes of electrical faults at home and offices. These individuals may lack the needed technical know-how to purchase the right electrical fittings that will serve the entire house with little or no challenges. This is the reason why we emphasize you take special notes before choosing the best residential local electrician for your job.


While some of the causes of electrical faults are inevitable, we are very optimistic that taking the necessary precautions listed in our article “How to minimize electrical hazards” will go a long way in assisting you with the correct cause of action. Kindly send us a message if you have any questions; we would love to hear from you.