Electrical Rewiring

electrician rewiringElectrical Rewiring: Homes or buildings that were built a long time ago need to be rewired to meet today’s codes and safety standards. Houses or commercial buildings which were constructed before 1950 used cloth covered wiring. With time, the fabric deteriorates and falls off the wires, thus leaving them exposed to spark fires. In most of the cases, the older the wiring is, the more it needs to be replaced.

With rewiring, you reduce the risk of tripped breakers, electric shocks, and residential fires. Akron Electrician is here to provide you with rewiring services. So that your home or commercial building remains safe at all times. If your home is more than 40 years old, that means it needs rewiring. We would first do some inspection before declaring whether your home or building in need of rewiring or not.

Getting sufficient wiring installed is not just about safety. It also means that you are improving the functionality of your home of the commercial building. Plus, you also enhance your homes reliability and ability to keep up with your increasing power needs. Rewiring does not just mean getting your electrical upgrade, but it also includes internet, cable and phone wires.

New Additions

At Akron Electrician, we not only change your old wiring, but our wiring services are also available when you need to get new wires added to your home or commercial building.


If your old wires need some modernization, Akron Electrician is the right place to call. We will get rid of all those old wires and replace them with new ones so that you can enjoy a safe environment.

The job of rewiring is not an easy one, and it can only be done by someone who has the right experience and knowledge. We have a team of experienced and professional electricians who are specialized in rewiring. They know exactly how to get the job done, and they perform their task in a timely fashion.

If the wires in your home are old, that can be very dangerous for you and your family. There are high chances of a power outage and electric shock to anyone who comes in direct contact with the old and chipped wires. Also, if the cables are too old, they won’t be strong enough to endure the amount of power consumed by air conditioners, refrigerators or flat screens. Protect your home and commercial building by hiring us for rewiring.