An Energy Audit From an Electrician Can Improve Your Home’s Safety

An Energy Audit From an Electrician Can Improve Your Home’s Safety

It doesn’t matter whether you own a home or a big commercial space, an energy audit should be mandatory. You must be willing to do an energy audit at least once a year to ensure that your appliances and equipment are working properly. The electrician you hire should have the proper qualifications to ensure that the maintenance is done properly. The reason for the energy audit is to ensure that your electrical system is working efficiently so you won’t end up wasting energy unknowingly. It is quite possible for you to waste a lot of energy especially when you aren’t maintaining your electrical system regularly.

Two Types of Energy Audit

First type of energy audit

You can choose from mainly two types of energy audit. The best choice of course is to just do both types of audits. The first type of energy audit is pretty simple since there are calculators available online. You can do this type of energy audit on your own given that you know the wattage and power rating of each of your appliances.

The first type of audit is approximating how many hours you’re using each of your appliances. Note that this is only an approximate since you really can’t tell in exact detail how many hours you’ve used a certain appliance. The closer your approximate is to your actual usage, the better the audit will be.

The first type of energy audit should tell you how much energy you’re using. It will also give an idea of what appliances are consuming the most amount of energy. You can make adjustments if you want to lower your energy usage.

Second type of energy audit

The second type of energy audit is a more specific type of audit. This audit looks for many factors that indicate wastage of energy. Unlike the first kind of audit, this is a more rigorous type of audit conducted by an experienced electrician. The inspection will examine the whole electrical system of your home and check for any appliances with high energy wastage. Perhaps a blown circuit breaker is having an effect of the system. Perhaps you have many plugged in devices that are on standby despite not using them.

This type of audit will also check the efficiency of your appliances. High energy consuming appliances like heating and cooling systems should be the first thing to inspect when doing efficiency testing. An experienced electrician can determine the right setting you need to have for your HVAC system. An adjustment will allow you to take necessary steps in lowering your energy wastage.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is you need to do proper maintenance of your home with regards to its electrical system. A well maintained electrical system will make your appliances last longer. For more information regarding energy usage, please visit our blog section here at the home page.

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